Arrest and Warrant Monitoring

Nobody wants to go to jail, but things can happen quickly and the time may come where you have to face the fact and move forward. A simple arrest for a minor charge can turn into a life changing event if you're not prepared or able to make bail. Unless you're part of the Government, chances are you will not be notified before you're arrested. An arrest warrant may be placed on you for any number of reasons, and unless you monitor your local police or sheriff departments active warrant list on a regular basis, when that officer shows up at your front door, you're going to wish you had!

Police Ping currently covers the below locations. New cities are added weekly, you can request a city be added in the members area.

arrest warrants

Arrest Logs

Active Warrants

With the huge backlog of cases in the major cities, if can take months and even years before a warrant is issued. With Police Ping you can rest a little easier knowing you at least have some type of protection from getting dragged out of your bed in the middle of the night.

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