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The Police Ping Arrest Warrants Log below is automatically updated every day and includes all the recent data as reported by the listed source.
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Arrest Warrants

An active arrest warrant or bench warrant is generally issued by a judge or magistrate when enough probable cause and evidence is provided which indicates you are allegedly guilty of a crime. You can view a complete list of included locations in the dropdown menu above or on the Police Ping Homepage

The arrest logs are updated daily for most locations. Some of the smaller cities may only post new warrants every 2-3 days or in some cases weekly.

First of all don't immediately assume the warrant is for you especially if you have a common name. The Police Ping warrant search covers many parts of the United States, check what city the warrant was issued in and go from there. Once you verify the warrant is valid, the next step is to consult a lawyer immediately, even if you can't afford one at the time, most lawyers will be happy to give you a free consultation which is actually a sales pitch in hopes you'll retain their services so be prepared.

Turning yourself in vs getting caught is vital! Not only can it lower your bond but depending on your history and crime, it may help you in getting out with no bond at all (personal recognizance bond).Get your bills paid, notify your family and friends and arrange bond before you go if possible.

Once in custody, your state of mind will change especially if this is your first time being locked up and you're gonna want out, out of jail and out of the situation.
If questioned by the police or detectives remember they know this, they know your scared and will use it against you. You will be promised the world, it's usually a lie. It's very important to politely tell them you wish to remain silent. Don't show fear, don't change your mind and don't accept anything from them, not even a glass of water (DNA) .

If you are booked in jail and given a bone (or no bond at all), again it's important to keep your composure, stay calm (or at least appear calm). Jail is not prison, you don't have to worry about the horror stories you may have seen on TV. None the less, jail is no picnic and the conditions are generally much stricter and regulated vs prison.

Not all departments offer calls for service logs and the ones the do may not allow open data requests. If your city or county does provide open data calls for service you can make your request in your members area.

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