The Police Ping Arrest Log below is automatically updated every day and includes all the recent data as reported by the listed source.
You can make use of the search field to limit results to single state, city, address, etc. ~ Timestamps are in E.S.T.


Be sure to check both firstname lastname and lastname firstname
Name Crime DOB Race Sex Height Weight City State Type Address Timestamp

Arrest Log

Most major cities provide some type of arrest or jail intake log, however Police Ping is only able to scan open data feeds or searchable files. Not all locations offer this so we recommend you ensure the subject you're looking for resides or visits one or more of the included databases. You can view a complete list of included locations the dropdown menu above or on the Police Ping Homepage

Police Ping Calls for Service Feeds are updated every few minutes. Not all feeds are updated at the same time. Timing depends on how often the source submits new data. Not all feeds are real time. Some departments may also include a short delay of anywhere between 20 minutes to several hours.

Guests and Free Members are able to search back as far as 1 month. Professional and Premium Members do not have any limits and can search the entire database.

Not all departments offer calls for service logs and the ones the do may not allow open data requests. If your city or county does provide open data calls for service you can make your request in your members area.

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