Police and EMS Activity Log

Police Ping is a monitoring service for local Police, Fire, EMS, Sheriff, Arrest Logs and Active Warrants.

The Police Ping Activity Log below is automatically updated every 5 minutes and includes all the recent data as reported by the listed source.
You can make use of the search field to limit results to single state, city, address, etc. ~ Timestamps are in E.S.T.

Description Address City State Timestamp

Police Ping Services

Police Ping offers several different types of services and features.

police map

Location Monitoring

Free Service!

Create a radius around any location and receive notifications when police or emergency services are dispatched to the area.

Arrest Warrants

People Watch

Free Service

Similar to our address monitoring, Police Ping People Watch will scan for matches on various active warrants and arrest log databases.

free criminal records

Criminal Offender Lookups

Free Service

Search the Police Ping databases and conduct your own criminal background checks. Includes nicknames and license plat lookups.